Hello and welcome on my Blog. In a few words, my name is Yann, I take care of IT projects. You will probably notice that English is not my mother tongue. It’s a good experience for me to create this blog in English. The goal is to create a blog with resources that I didn’t find on the internet. I am happy to share my experience with the community.

  • PMP – Glossary
    For the preparation of the PMP, I created my own glossary. This tool helped me a lot during my learning process.
  • PMP – Process groups and outputs
    Here are the 49 processes listed in the PMBOK version 6, as well as a summary of its usefulness and the documents created as outputs of the processes with a simple description.
  • Voyage au Kenya en moto infos pratiques
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  • Calculate trade profit PowerShell Get-PnL
    In order to know which trade would be the most profitable, it is necessary to estimate the potential profit. Thanks to this Get-PnL function in PowerShell it … Read more
  • Open Order Binance PowerShell API
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