Calculate trade profit PowerShell Get-PnL

In order to know which trade would be the most profitable, it is necessary to estimate the potential profit. Thanks to this Get-PnL function in PowerShell it is possible to calculate the PnL (Profit and Loss) taking into account the broker fees.

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function Get-PnL{
        Return the profit/loss of a trade
        .PARAMETER FeesPercentage
        The broker's transaction fees as a percentage
        .PARAMETER PriceBuy
        The purchase price of your pair

        .PARAMETER PriceSell
        The selling price of your pair

        .PARAMETER Investment
        The amount invested in your trade
        Get-PnL -FeesPercentage 0.1 -PriceBuy 52000 -PriceSell 58000 -Investment 8000

		[ValidateSet(0.1, 0.075)]
		[double]$FeesPercentage = 0.1,




        [double]$TransactionFees = 0
        [double]$PnL = 0
        [double]$PnLPerc = 0
        [bool]$IsTradePositive = $false
        $PnLPerc = (($PriceSell - $PriceBuy) / $PriceBuy) * 100
        $TransactionFees = ($FeesPercentage * $Investment / 100) * 2
        $PnL = [math]::Round(($Investment * $PnLPerc) / 100 - $TransactionFees, 2)
        if($PnL -gt 0){
            Write-Verbose "Winning $PnL$"
            $IsTradePositive = $True
            Write-Verbose "Loss of $PnL$"
            $IsTradePositive = $False

        $ObjTradeResult = [PSCustomObject]@{
            PnL             = $PnL
            Fees            = $TransactionFees
            PnLPerc         = $PnLPerc
            IsTradePositive = $IsTradePositive

        return $ObjTradeResult

About this function

  • Adjust the FeesPercentage according to your broker

  • The function returns an object with the essential data


Function in PowerShell to calculate profit or loss

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