Sync automatically profile pictures in SharePoint

Images stopped sync in my tenant without any change by myself. I have read a lot on
Internet and all articles I read explain the same thing, if you want your images to be
sync automatically, you need to assign to your users a license Exchange Online.
Okay and what happens if you need to sync automatically the images from Azure
Active Directory to SharePoint Online automatically and it’s not possible, or just don’t
want using Exchange Online, nowadays?

Exchange Online is not necessary

It happens that sometime the synchronization stopped and there is
nothing you can do by yourself. The official documentation didn’t
help me for this issue. Information about profile picture
synchronization in Microsoft 365
If you have profile pictures in Azure Active Directory, the
synchronization should be automatic in SharePoint Online.

As I was not able to find a way by myself, I decided to ask to Microsoft directly. As
usual, it took much time to them to provide an answer to my question. My ticket raised
the level 4, but at the end, the engineer who was granted to make more specific
adjustments to our tenant, did something… and launched the sync again. Now it has
worked since weeks.

If you too have the same issue, just open a ticket from the Microsoft 365 admin
center. In my experience, they call you directly after you opened the ticket to register it
Hope it helps.

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